Flexible PVC Foil separations because of Corona

Flexibele PVC Folie

Flexible PVC Foil is the ideal solution for all kinds of separations to prevent the spread of the Corona virus. As a wholesaler, we have been supplying products to sail makers, tent makers and processors of technical textiles for over 100 years. Flexible PVC foil has been our daily business for decades.

The applications for which our customers use flexible PVC window film more often are:

  • windows of tents and porch tarpaulins
  • boathood windows
  • industrial screens where employees must be able to see what is happening on the other side of the screen, e.g. for safety reasons.

Examples Flexible PVC Foil partitions because of Corona

In this Corona time, our customers use PVC window film to make all kinds of different solutions as separation because of corona. Examples of this are:

  • checkout separations in shops
  • shielding in cars, company cars, taxis and trucks
  • separations between desks in offices
  • table separations for the catering industry
  • facial masks

Fire retardant or not?

Depending on your application, it may be necessary to use fire-retardant PVC foil. In our product range you will find three types of PVC foil:

  • Not fire-retardant
  • Limited fire retardant (without certificate)
  • Fire retardant with certificate (B1 or M2)

The question of whether you should use fire-retardant film usually depends on the requirements of the fire brigade or the municipality. If there are no requirements, use your common sense and consider whether fire retardancy is necessary for your application.

We can supply fire-retardant PVC foil with a B1 or M2 certificate. Germany uses the DIN 4102-B1 standard for fire retardant fabric and foil. In France the M2 standard is used. The B1 standard is slightly stricter than the M2 standard. In the Netherlands it is often not prescribed that a product must be fire retardant, but not to which of these two standards a product must comply. Whether PVC foil is fire retardant, you can only prove with a (valid) certificate. If you purchase certified fire-retardant film from us, we will also send you the certificate on request.

Advantages of flexible PVC foil separations compared to plexiglass

Flexible PVC Foil has a number of advantages over plexiglass:

  • PVC film is flexible
  • PVC foil lets sound through better than plexiglass.

I’m a consumer. Can I order PVC window film from you?

As a wholesaler we only deliver to companies. Sail makers in your area can easily be found via Google, for example.

I have a company. Can I order PVC window film from your company?

If you are looking for a “turnkey” solution to your problem, we really need to refer you to one of our customers. They can almost always make something that meets your requirements. Contact your sailmaker or find a sailmaker near you via Google.

As a specialized wholesaler we supply “components” to our customers, with which our customers make the solutions for their customers. We only supply PVC foil on rolls of between 25 and 50 metres in length and some 4,000 other items.

In our assortment you will find two brands of PVC window film. Achilles Vinistar and Extruflex Finevinyl are both of excellent quality and almost comparable. Both are used by our customers for all kinds of corona related applications.

If your company is looking for rolls of PVC film, please contact us.